L’era del Leopardo delle Nevi

Di   26 Marzo 2009
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We’re just a few months away from WWDC (I guess, Apple hasn’t announced dates yet, and the delay might stem from pinning down a release date for iPhone OS 3.0) but the speculation on Snow Leopard is in full swing. Developers have had builds of Snow Leopard for a while now, but according to AppleInsider there are some interface tweaks that have yet to be unveiled.

VentureBeat posits the new look in Snow Leopard might already be in place with some apps — take a look at the scroll bars and darker trim in iTunes 8 or iPhoto ’09. This could be a harbinger of UI’s to come, or it could be the sort of UI schizophrenia Apple has suffered from in the not-so-distant past. AppleInsider goes further, creating a mockup of what QuickTime in Snow Leopard might look like. To me, it looks a lot like Windows Vista.