Timeline: Google ne inventa un’altra sulle news

Via Google News blog

At Google, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to organize information. Today, we’re announcing Google News Timeline–a new feature on Google Labs that organizes many different types of search results on a zoomable, graphical timeline.

Google News Timeline presents search results from a wide range of sources. You can search and browse results from Google News, including headlines, quotes, photos from our Hosted News partners, and YouTube partner videos. You can also search for thousands of archival newspapers and magazines from Google News Archive Search and Google Book Search.

You can also add Blog Search results and sports scores, as well as information about books, music, movies, tv shows, video games, and even artists, to see how they’ve appeared over time. Try out some of our favorite queries like [jack nicholson movies], [barack obama quotes], or [baseball news photos].

To browse through time, you can specify a date in your search, drag the timeline of results, or set the time scale to days, weeks, months, years, or even decades. In this example, I searched for arcade video games that came out in the 1990s: