ChromeOs: test drive negativo

Le prime esperienze d’uso di Chrome installato via Virtual Box non hanno lasciato impressioni positive. E’ un sistema operativo troppo Google e troppo browser centrico per essere utile a molte persone. Lo stesso discorso può applicarsi al fatto che pare troppo poco flessibile, per lo meno in queste prime versioni disponibili. E pare altri la pensino alla stessa stregua.

The Chrome OS is here — sort of. This week, Google was kind of enough to give the world a sneak peek at its nascent desktop operating system. And after months of speculation (and more than a few bogus screenshot galleries), I can finally say that I’ve seen the future … and it’s not Chrome OS.

The preceding statement should come as no surprise to readers of my Enterprise Desktop blog. I came to a similar conclusion months ago. When news of the existence of a Google OS project first leaked out, I gave it an ice cube’s chance in hell of succeeding. Now, after watching a sometimes touchy-sounding crew from Google’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters walk us through the ins and outs of the Chrome OS, I’m more convinced than ever that my original assessment was right on the money.

  • Fatal flaw No. 1: The Linux foundation
  • Fatal flaw No. 2: The Web user interface
  • The world won’t buy an inflexible OS