Quelli di Google volevano Steve Jobs come Ceo

Via Geek.com

Here’s an interesting fact: if Google had launched just a couple of years earlier, Apple’s Steve Jobs might have been its CEO. Way back in 2000, Google was just getting rolling, but its backers in the venture capital world decided the fledgling search giant needed “adult supervision” by way of a more experienced CEO than Google co-founders Larry Page and Serge Brin.

Venture capitalist John Doerr immediately came aboard to arrange some interviews between Page and Brin and many of the finest business minds in Silicon Valley. Page and Brin met with Intel’s Andry Grove, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and several others. All were rejected, though. Why? Because Page and Brin had only one person in mind for the position: Steve Jobs.

It’s an interesting alternate history to consider. If Steve Jobs had come aboard Google in 2000, we’d probably be looking at a very different world right now… one in which Google boasted retail stores and people waited outside of them all night for tablets. A world in which Android boasted the walled garden, and one in which Apple remained an extremely niche computer maker concentrated entirely upon the desktop, as opposed to the most valuable company in tech largely through their mobile innovations.