Wi-Fi 2.0

Google parte alla carica per offrire internet mobile a alta velocità a tutti gli americani.
L’obiettivo dell’azione di lobbyng all FCC è di liberare le frequenze disponibili per l’uso con “personal devices”.

Via C-net

Google on Monday said it has a plan to have American consumers from Manhattan to rural North Dakota surfing the Web on handheld gadgets at gigabits-per-second speeds by the 2009 holiday season.

The company, joined by other heavyweights like Microsoft and Dell, has long been lobbying for the Federal Communications Commission to free up unused broadcast TV channels known as “white spaces” for unlicensed use by personal devices. That portion of the TV band is highly prized because it can propagate long distances and through obstacles.

It also possesses the bandwidth to support vastly faster data rates than today’s standard Internet service offerings–“Wi-Fi on steroids” or “Wi-Fi 2.0,” as Richard Whitt, Google’s telecommunications counsel, put it in a Monday morning conference call.