Upcoming launch Wolfram Alfa: 28 aprile

Sta per arrivare il momento della presentazione di Wolfram Alfa
Google preoccupato ?

We are very busy preparing for the upcoming launch of  Wolfram|Alpha. Plans were announced this week for Stephen Wolfram’s first public  presentation of Wolfram|Alpha. He’ll be giving a sneak preview of  his computational knowledge engine at Harvard Law School on  Tuesday, April 28 at 3.00 pm. If you cannot attend the presentation in  person, we invite you to participate in the live webcast. For more details, please visit:

UPDATE: un primo test di Readwriteweb

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UPDATE: Il video della presentazione

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  1. Wolfram Alpha is a good news in the area of search engines. It has some advantages compared to the other search engines. Still, it is not the competition to Google or other search engines, since it uses totally different approach. It is more like dictionary or encyclopedia than search engine.

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