Microsoft vuole pagare Murdoch per togliere le news da Google

Il Financial Times riporta di abboccamenti fra Microsoft e News Corp secondo cui il gigante di Redmont sarebbe disposto a pagare perchè il gigante dei media di Murdoch tolga i contenuti da Google

Microsoft has had discussions with News Corp over a plan that would involve the media company’s being paid to “de-index” its news websites from Google, setting the scene for a search engine battle that could offer a ray of light to the newspaper industry.

The impetus for the discussions came from News Corp, owner of newspapers ranging from the Wall Street Journal of the US to The Sun of the UK, said a person familiar with the situation, who warned that talks were at an early stage.

Ma da Google notano che per loro non fa differenza, anzi

The idea is to force Google to pay for content, thinning its currently fat margins. Problem is, we can’t imagine Google going for it. For one, the FT reports that Google’s UK director Matt Brittin told a conference last week that Google did not need news content to survive.

“Economically it’s not a big part of how we generate revenue,” he said For another, we can’t imagine links to worthwhile stories originating from News Corp not finding their way onto sites that will happily remain indexed in Google’s search engine free of charge