Ora spunta un tablet anche di Google

Di   3 Gennaio 2010
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Mentre si sprecano le prove del nuovo Nexun One in attesa del suo lancio ufficiale

Spuntano le tracce di un tablet marchiato Google – HTC (via Gizmodo)

Everyone is clamoring about tablets these days—ourselves included—so it’s not too surprising that Google and HTC are set to join the fray. They are reportedly working together on a Chrome OS Google Tablet.

Smarthouse, an Australian publication, reports that HTC and Google have been collaborating “for the past 18 months” and have produced “several working models of a touch tablet,” including one outfitted with Google’s Chrome OS. We wrote why a Google Tablet would be a good idea last month, and with the Apple Tablet discussion reaching a fever pitch, it’s harder and harder to get excited about a Chrome OS netbook from Google.