Rdio parte per gli Stati Uniti

Di   10 Giugno 2010
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E’ finalmente partito Rdio il progetto lanciato dai creatori di Kazaa e Skype che offre l’ascolto dimusica in streaming. Rdio può anche essere ascoltata dai dispositivi mobili.

Rdio, pronounced r-dee-o, the new social music service founded by Janus Friis with Niklas Zennström and Atomico, a leading technology investment group, today unveiled its plans to change the way people access, discover and pay for music. Designed as a highly social experience, Rdio (www.rdio.com) improves the discovery and sharing of music and the way music can be accessed through a Web browser and on smartphones. Rdio will offer unlimited, on-demand access to five million songs for a monthly subscription allowing users to listen to as many songs as they want, anytime and anywhere.
Rdio’s invitation-only paid preview program starts today.