Il Wifi subacqueo

Via Zumbeel

Have you ever imagined using a Wifi underwater?  Well this has been made a reality by a Swedish Defence Research Agency. They have deployed an underwater wireless system to predict weather conditions, volcanoes and earthquakes. This technology is economical, advanced and transmit data at a much higher rate as compared to the traditional echo technology.

Since sensors require cabling underwater which is expensive, this wireless technology provides the best option. Acoustic waves can be used to transmit data underwater similar to the Wi-Fi in the air, more lower the frequency of acoustic waves the more distance they travel. Another research is being carried out by Dr Rosa Zheng at University of Missouri-Columbia regarding the wireless transmission underwater and she plans to make use of MIMO technology facilitating higher transmission. She says:

“MIMO technology provides some challenges because you’re sending a signal at the same time, using the same frequency band, theory proves that it’s feasible, but we’re still trying to figure out how you separate those signals at the receiver.”

The challenge is to overcome the distortions underwater like the bouncing of waves by the surface, unwanted echo and constant surging of sound waves. Geoffrey Edelmann and his team from U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed a system to predict the acoustics underwater and plan to add enhancements to it.
With this rapid development in wireless technology, the day is not far when you can access internet underwater.