Parte l’edizione 2011 di Leweb

Anche quest’anno ci godremo Leweb dall’Italia, ma grazie a streaming e social network sembra di essere a Parigi, anche se non si può ammirare la Tour Eiffel.

This year LeWeb will be livestreamed on 3 different channels:

1. Plenary (main) conference stage including Eric SchmidtSean Parker, Karl LagerfeldMichael Arrington, and many other VIP speakers

2. Eiffel Stage –  Watch our Start-Up Competition Days 1 & 2 and our Social Media Track Day 3 

3. Live TV Studio sponsored by IBM – Twit.TV with Leo Laporte, FrenchWeb,, and others will host live shows throughout the 3 days. You can follow and send questions for this on Facebook

We encourage those of you watching online to tweet with the hashtag #leweblive to connect with others watching the livestream.

We partnered with Google this year to create a channel specifically for our start-up competition.  December 7-9 the final 16 will have new videos online and your votes will help us determine who gets the People’s Choice Award.

There is also our LeWeb Youtube account with all videos from previous years, and a new official account where we’ll update all videos of this year.

Download the LeWeb app on iPhone, Android, or Blackberry whether you’re going to the event or not to follow the UStream, dconnect with attendees, see the lists of speakers and attendees, stay up with the latest news and photos, and much much more.

Mobile Roadie will also have all 3 livestream channels and you can already use Presdo Match via the app!

Follow LeWeb on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news, behind-the-scenes, and information like the conference program as we get closer to the event, and real time updates during the event.

Follow the hashtags #leweb and #leweb11 on Twitter, as well as:

The Twitter list of Official Bloggers (coming soon)

The Twitter list of Speakers

Hot at LeWeb : find out what people are tweeting about from #leweb, as well as those watching live #leweblive and more

Who’s at LeWeb : find out which of your friends and followers on Twitter are going to LeWeb ’11 as well as all of the attendees to network with participants wherever in the world you may be

LeWeb Cinema : a gallery of all pictures posted on Twitter about #LeWeb.

Photos of LeWeb : another app that will let you see #LeWeb pictures posted on Twitter.

LeWebGame : ther’s even a game to play @ LeWeb and on Twitter !

Our 3 UStream channels will be live on Facebook – follow now for some of the latest news!Join Presdo Match for LeWeb, our networking tool as of last year, to see who else is going to LeWeb and schedule a quick meeting with them before you even get to the event. Presdo Match connects automatically to your LinkedIn account, so all you have to do is connectWe’re thrilled to have this year an official magazine for LeWeb on Flipboard, powered by Fotopedia. Add it on Flipboard on your iPad or check the webapp of this magazine.Listen to LeWeb Radio on Radionomy with the Widoobiz Radio and TechCrunch France teamsHubrocket in Bordeaux, will be streaming LeWeb live (and still for free) at the Café TulipaCork, Ireland will be livestreaming at the NSC Campus

Every year we carefully select bloggers that apply to be “Official Bloggers” at the event. This year we were particularly rigorous in choosing our Official Bloggers for their dedication and desire to share what’s happening with the start-ups at LeWeb.

The list of Official Bloggers is now available, complete with links to their blogs and Twitter acccounts.

LeWeb has a Flickr account, but you can also search for photos tagged “leweb” to see all of the photos from the amazing photographers (pro and amateurs) that come.

We’ve been curating topics from the web about LeWeb. Check out the latest Scoop(it)

LeWeb is a topic on Quora that you can follow now!

Ask questions about anything and everything – and get some answers

Speakers that have slides will post their slides after the event, including Ignite LeWeb talks.

All the information about LeWeb with this Netvibes dashboard.

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