La facitura finita della Sagrada Familia

Le prime volte della modesta e lunga permanenza a Barcellona si passavano delle ore davanti alla Sagrada Familia, il più incredibile sogno-incubo arcitettonico di Gaudì. Era affasciante pensarla non finita dopo la morte del genio catalano, ma era altrettanto intrigante pensare di vederla finita. Si parla del 2020, per il momento occorre accontentarsi della ricostruzione … Leggi tutto

Going mobile

Il punto della situazione dal Mobile World Congress dalla BBC


It seems using a mobile just to make a call is now very old hat, so expect more all-singing all-dancing phones-that-think-they’re-computers. Sony Ericsson jumped the gun last night, with a phone combining a Walkman with an 8.1-megapixel camera, but Samsung may trump that with a phone which shoots video in HD (er, why?). There will be yet more touchscreen iPhone lookalikes – I’m interested in getting a look at Nokia’s N97 and the Palm Pre which I’ve heard are the best efforts yet at knocking Apple from its smartphone perch. Energy efficiency is another theme, with a couple of solar-powered handsets on display. And at long last we may see a second Android phone based on Google’s software platform – T-Mobile’s G1 has had the field to itself so far. At the other end of the complexity spectrum, there is even wild talk of a Lego phone, which must be some kind of retro joke aimed at the yuppies who wielded those “brick” phones in the ’80s.

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