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La nuvola musicale targata Google

Via Engadget Wondering what Google’s answer to Amazon’s cloud music player for Android will look like? Then it would seem you now have your answer –the Tech From 10 website somehow managed to receive a developer version of the Android Market, which allowed it to download Android Music 3.0 and try it out for themselves…. Leggi tutto »

La nuvola musicale di Amazon

Via Reuters Amazon’s Cloud Drive, announced on Tuesday, allows customers to store about 1,000 songs on the company’s Web servers for free instead of their own hard drives and play them over an Internet connection directly from Web browsers and on phones running Google Inc’s Android software. Sony Music, home to artists such as Shakira… Leggi tutto »

Imagine in the north of Africa

Da sempre ho amato la musica che si produce nel nord dell’Afirca. Sarà un problema di contaminazione con la cultura della Francia, sarà un problema di contaminazione con la cultura di Torino. Sarà … Quel nord Africa che si è rivoltato in poche settimane.