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Iphone 7, finalmente un nuovo momento di discontinuità per Apple

* 8 settembre, 2016 * Computer, Mobile, Multimedia * 0 commenti

Eccolo il nuovo Iphone , con 2+1 fotocamera, impermeabile (senza esagerare), cordless …

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OSX Mavericks: installato con successo

* 6 novembre, 2013 * Personale * 0 commenti

Ed è effettivamente una gran bella cosa …

Apple ha capito che con l’agilità si battono gli elefantiaci Windows

L’era del leone di montagna

* 17 febbraio, 2012 * Computer * 0 commenti

Apple ha rilasciato agli sviluppatori OS X Mountain Lion. Le prime impressioni

Apple updates its iOS mobile operating system once a year. But why should the iPhone and iPad have all the fun? On Thursday Apple announced that it will release a new version of OS X—Mountain Lion—this summer, just a year after the release of OS X Lion.

Like Lion, Mountain Lion offers numerous feature additions that will be familiar to iOS users. This OS X release continues Apple’s philosophy of bringing iOS features “back to the Mac,” and includes iMessage, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Twitter integration, Game Center, and AirPlay Mirroring.

Mountain Lion offers new features such as (left to right) Notes, Reminders, Messages, and Notification Center. As the first OS X release post-iCloud, there’s also much more thorough integration with Apple’s data-syncing service. Mountain Lion also brings options to limit which kinds of apps users can install. And although there are no actual mountain lions in China, OS X Mountain Lion does add a raft of features to speak to users in the country that’s Apple’s biggest growth opportunity.

Snow Leopard test drive

* 28 agosto, 2009 * Computer, Multimedia * 0 commenti

I gadget software per WolframAlpha

* 18 maggio, 2009 * Computer, Internet * 0 commenti

Ricca dotazione di gadget software per WolframAlpha

Per diversi browser e diversi sistemi operativi …

L’era del Leopardo delle Nevi

* 26 marzo, 2009 * Computer * 0 commenti


We’re just a few months away from WWDC (I guess, Apple hasn’t announced dates yet, and the delay might stem from pinning down a release date for iPhone OS 3.0) but the speculation on Snow Leopard is in full swing. Developers have had builds of Snow Leopard for a while now, but according to AppleInsider there are some interface tweaks that have yet to be unveiled.

VentureBeat posits the new look in Snow Leopard might already be in place with some apps — take a look at the scroll bars and darker trim in iTunes 8 or iPhoto ’09. This could be a harbinger of UI’s to come, or it could be the sort of UI schizophrenia Apple has suffered from in the not-so-distant past. AppleInsider goes further, creating a mockup of what QuickTime in Snow Leopard might look like. To me, it looks a lot like Windows Vista.

Prime impressioni su Safari 4 beta

* 25 febbraio, 2009 * Computer, Internet * 0 commenti

Moolto interessante ! Una nuova versione con delle modalità nuove e utili per navigare meglio e più velocemente.

Aspettiamo le contromosse di Firefox, che rimane il browser di default e la versione di Chrome per Macos. Internet Explorer ? Ingombrante come un Tir, lento e insicuro come una vecchia automobile.