Grid for dummies

Il Cern ha realizzato un ottimo sito “educational” per spiegare la tecnologia Grid

Many of the big ideas behind the Grid have been around long before the name Grid appeared, but there are five big areas where Grid developers are spending their time and effort:

  • Resource sharing on a global scale: Sharing is the very essence of the Grid.
  • Secure Access: There must be a high level of trust between resource providers and users, who often don’t know each other. Sharing resources is fundamentally in conflict with the conservative security policies being applied at individual computer centers and on individual PCs. So getting Grid security right is crucial.
  • Resource use: Demand for Grid resources should be balanced, so that computers everywhere are used more efficiently.
  • The death of distance: For Grids to work, we need to ensure that distance makes no difference to efficient access to computer resources.
  • Open standards: Open standards are needed to ensure that everyone can contribute constructively to Grid development, and that industry will be prepared to invest in developing commercial Grid services and infrastructure.