L’Obama pensiero sulla tecnologia

Via Techcrunch

Senator Barack Obama (official site), who’s polling a strong second in New Hampshire, is the next presidential candidate to step up and answer our technology-related policy questions.

The score card is now even, with two democrat (Obama and Edwards) and two republican (Romney and McCain) candidates.

Last week Senator Obama released a position paper on tech. Our questions take a deeper dive on some of the key issues.

The senator is continuing to take a very strong stance on net neutrality. He may understand the issue – and its importance to the tech community – better than any other candidate. But we didn’t stop there. Senator Obama also outlined a broad strategy for increasing privacy protection. Other key points below:

  • He doesn’t feel the FCC went far enough in promoting competition with the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auctions.
  • He supports Federal intervention to encourage more ubiquitous broadband Internet access and delivering technology to schools.
  • He wants to keep the Internet tax free, and he wants to “close the loophole” that allows venture capitalists to recognize investment profits as capital gains.
  • He supports temporary increases in the H1-B visa program from the current levels
    He plans to make big investments in renewable energy, and supports caps on carbon emissions.
  • L’intervista ad Obama