La prima edizione di TechCrunch Italy a Roma il 27 settembre 2012

Sarà a Roma al Al Globe Theatre di Villa Borghese il 27 settembre 2012 la prima edizione di TechCrunch Italy coorganizzata con Populis. Ol primo evento di TechCrunch in Italia. coinvolgerà  una selezione dei maggiori esperti mondiali di tecnologia su un dibattito sui cambiamenti nel panorama della tecnologia e dei  new media e per conoscere … Leggi tutto

Techcrunch sul precipizio

Via Techcruch TechCrunch is on the precipice. As soon as tomorrow, Mike may be thrown out of the company he founded. Or he may not. No one knows. And if he is, he will be replaced by — well, again, no one knows. No one knows much of anything. Certainly no one at TechCrunch. This site … Leggi tutto

Esperti di Social Network di fama mondiale di orgini italiane

Techrunch cita una ricerca sui social network nel mondo, dell’italianissimo Vincenzo Cosenza

Just in case you had any doubts about the fact we live in the age of Facebook, just check out Vincenzo Cosenza’s latest edition of the World Map Of Social Networks.

Based on this month’s Alexa & Google Trends for Websites traffic data, Cosenza posits that Facebook has managed to overtake some local incumbent social networks in the past few months, particularly in Europe.

According to his analysis, the site is now market leader in 115 out of 132 countries.

Other social networks on the rise: LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Prove concettuali di Daily per Ipad

Quelli di Techcrunch hanno chiesto ai loro lettori a che cosa possa sembrare il nuovo “oggetto di informazioni” per Ipad realizzato da NewsCorp

News Corp is taking the iPad very seriously as a new way to distribute the news. The media giant is taking it so seriously that it is developing a new publication called the Daily which will only be available on the iPad (no print edition, no Website). News Corp is hiring 100 journalists for this iPad newspaper and is reportedly working with engineers on loan from Apple to make it shine.

Well, I am not sure it should look like a newspaper at all. The nice thing about starting from scratch is that the Daily won’t have to feel familiar in the same way that an iPad app for the Wall Street Journal or New York Times does. I fear that even the Daily will be too parochial, showing only news and content produced by its staff. But people no longer limit their news consumption to one publication, even within a single reading session.

From a reader’s perspective, the optimal iPad newspaper should be three things:

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Aol tenta di comprare Techcrunch

Via GigaOm UPDATE: conferme della trattativa del WSJ UPDATE2 : E’ ufficiale: Aol ha comprato Techcrunch AOL, the New York-based online media company, is on the verge of acquiring TechCrunch, the online blogging network started by former attorney, Michael Arrington. The deal is at a sensitive stage and might fall apart yet, but I don’t … Leggi tutto

Parte la TechCrunch TV

Via Techrunch It’s finally here. After months of planning and building and learning and fixing and hiring and spending, TechCrunch TV goes live right… NOW. Broadcasting daily from our fully-featured San Francisco studio, TechCrunch TV will be packed with some of the most recognizable and inspiring faces in tech. The entrepreneurs, the investors, the developers … Leggi tutto

La nuvola di Google

Via Techcrunch Amazon’s cloud storage services are going to be getting another major competitor this week: Google. We hear that this week during its I/O conference, Google will be announcing a new service that is a direct competitor with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage. Google’s service will be called Google Storage for Developers, or ‘GS’. We … Leggi tutto

Su Ipad Engadget la vede così

Oltre alla recensione anche il video

The Apple iPad. The name is a killing word — more than a product — it’s a statement, an idea, and potentially a prime mover in the world of consumer electronics. Before iPad it was called the Apple Tablet, the Slate, Canvas, and a handful of other guesses

We know there’s a lot of talk about reading with this type of display versus a Kindle or other E-Ink device, but we’ll just be straight with you — it didn’t hurt our eyes to use this as a reading device. You’re able to crank the brightness down a significant amount, but it’s also just a matter of adjustment. After a few minutes we didn’t see the device or the screen tech anymore — we saw a book. We won’t speculate on what prolonged use will feel like, but there is data out there that suggests the technology might not be as important as some people think it is when it comes to e-reader displays.

The finger-based navigation really is kind of spectacular, and it makes browsing weirdly like rediscovering an old friend. Other additions to the app like a proper bookmarks bar, use of toolbar drop downs, and an improved tab grid make it a pleasure to use. It is without question one of the best browsing experiences we’ve encountered. But is it the best? Well, not really.

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Techcrunch hacked: conseguenze della bit war o semplici problemi di sicurezza ?

Techcrunch, il seguitissimo sito guidato da Michael Arrington è stato bucato La pagina Twitter di Techcrunch , quella di Arrington e quella del co-editor Erick Schonfeld sono ancora senza informazioni a proposito. Negli Usa dormono ancora profondamente. UPDATE: – verso le 11.00 ora italiana Techcrunch è ripartito – Il resoconto in progress di TechCrunch

La storia del primo Nexus One della Romania

L’antefatto via Techcrunch We’ll keep this short and sweet. Google launched the Nexus One phone today. Here’s my review. We have one that we’re going to give away to a TechCrunch reader. You can buy one here for $529 (or $179 with a two year T-Mobile contract). Or you can get this one from us … Leggi tutto