40 milioni di Iphone (funzionanti ?)

Di   22 Agosto 2008
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Via Business Week

While final sales can’t be known until after the fact, clues are emerging as to Apple’s production plans. As of mid-August, they were ambitious, BusinessWeek has learned. Apple plans to build 40 million to 45 million iPhone 3Gs in the 12 months through August 2009, according to a person familiar with the company’s plans. The low end of that range is 52% more than the 26 million Munster expects the company to sell in that time. Apple boosted its production plans when initial sales proved stronger than the company expected, says the person, who requested anonymity. On launch day, the company expected to build 30 million iPhone 3Gs in 12 months. Apple declined to comment beyond reiterating that it expects to reach a stated goal of selling 10 million iPhone 3Gs in 2008.