Il browser invisibile

I prini test di Chrome: via Google Operating System

Google Chrome borrowed many features from other browsers: Opera’s speed dial used to show thumbnails of the most frequently visited pages, Safari’s inline find feature, Internet Explorer’s private browsing mode, Firefox’s spell checker. Google hopes that other browsers will borrow features or even code from Chrome. Sergey Brin said that what Google truly wants is a diverse and vibrant ecosystem of browsers and Chrome is just another option.

Google’s browser might never become popular, even if it’s fast, stable and more secure than other browsers. The most important thing is that Google Chrome will certainly have an impact on the next versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Even if you don’t have a Gmail account and you use Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, you benefited indirectly from Gmail’s breakthroughs. If Gmail is the invisible feature of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, Google Chrome could be the signal that browsers need to become platforms for web applications.