Il valore dei maggiori blog dipende dalla presenza dei loro fondatori

Di   14 Ottobre 2009
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Delle intelligenti considerazioni via 24/7 Wall Street

24/7 Wall St. did its second annual Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs analysis in February. Most of these operations are run by their founders. There are cases where the founders are merely managers like the Sugar sites and others where the success of the blog is almost totally associated with the participation of the founder. This has made many large blogs difficult investments for venture capital firms which are sometimes risking a large part of their investment on the presence of one person. Some sites with multiple founders like Boing Boing have been excluded because of the likelihood that of one of the original staff left, others could take his place.

24/7 has looked at ten of the most valuable companies from its list and made an estimate of how much the value of these is based on the presence of the founder. We took into account the editorial contributions of the founder, the person’s public presence as a part of the brand, and his or her relationships with businesses critical to the future prosperity of the companies. We have not updated the valuations of the companies although it is likely that many of them have risen as the economy has improved over the last seven months and in the next 24/7 most valuable blogs edition some of the business may have doubled their value, but that should not affect the analysis here