Paypal sulla strada dei micropagamenti per il digitale

Di   7 Ottobre 2010
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Via Techcrunch

PayPal first announced the eventual roll out of a specialized micropayments product in August, which would allow businesses to collect micropayments on the web via PayPal. Today, the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it will be launching a ‘digital goods optimized product,’ a.k.a. a payments technology for micropayments, in a few weeks at the company’s developer conference, Innovate,. PayPal has also formed a number of high-profile partnerships with companies to implement the digital goods product, which will also be announced at the conference.

In order to best understand how big this feature could be, it’s important to know what PayPal includes in its definition of “digital goods.” According to the company, the new product will include specialized payment support for micropayments for online video, music, games (including the sale of virtual goods and currencies), paid content, books and software.

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