Amazon ha sfrattato il sito di Wikileaks

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WikiLeaks was briefly down this morning not only because of ongoing DDoS attacks, but because it was actually taken off Amazon Web Services by Amazon and moved back to a Swedish provider, according to a statement from Senator Joe Lieberman:

“This morning Amazon informed my staff that it has ceased to host the Wikileaks website. I wish that Amazon had taken this action earlier based on Wikileaks’ previous publication of classified material. The company’s decision to cut off Wikileaks now is the right decision and should set the standard for other companies Wikileaks is using to distribute its illegally seized material. I call on any other company or organization that is hosting Wikileaks to immediately terminate its relationship with them.

Wikileaks’ illegal, outrageous, and reckless acts have compromised our national security and put lives at risk around the world. No responsible company – whether American or foreign – should assist Wikileaks in its efforts to disseminate these stolen materials. I will be asking Amazon about the extent of its relationship with Wikileaks and what it and other web service providers will do in the future to ensure that their services are not used to distribute stolen, classified information.”

WikiLeaks has been in the news every single day since it released 251,287 U.S. diplomatic cables to major media organizations on Sunday. Yesterday founder Julian Assange was put on Interpol’s Wanted list for non-WikiLeaks related charges.

According to Michael Van Poppel, the Department Homeland Security (what aren’t they involved with these days?) also reported the takedown. Neither Amazon or WikiLeaks has made any direct comment on the hosting change.

UPDATE: nascosto nel sito di Amazon, il suo comuncato sulla vicenda

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