Storie di malati di priapismo

Continua il duetto Siffredi – Berlusconi (Via Observer)

Siffredi, who crossed paths with Mahroug on a talk show on Tuesday, said he suspected that Berlusconi would not worry too much about a girl’s real age if she looked over 20. He described Berlusconi as a sex addict. “I have sex one half of a half of a half of the times he does,” he said in a Facebook video. By mixing power with sex, he added, “by doing to whoever you want what you want”, Berlusconi was living out his own fantasies.

That approach, he added, would not lose him votes in Italy. “Just as my appeal is based on being a family man off the set, Berlusconi understands that being a family man is important, as is staying on the right side of the church,” he said. “Berlusconi and I have a lot in common,” Siffredi added. “I have been reliably informed that he once said ‘Siffredi and I both have the same problem: priapism’.”