Come indicizzare i contenuti di TheDaily: istruzioni per l’uso

Andy Bayo che aveva creato un sito che presentava e indicizzava i contenuti web di The Daily, finito il suo abbonamento di prova ha chiuso il suo sito e ha deciso di spiegare come funzionava il suo servizio. Roba da nerd, ma potenzialmente interessante.

For the last three weeks, I’ve indexed The Daily. Now that my free trial’s up, I’ve had an intimate look at what they have to offer and, sad to say, I don’t plan on subscribing. As a result, I’m ending The Daily: Indexed, my unofficial table of contents for every article they published publicly.

I’m surprised and grateful that The Daily executive and legal team never tried to shut it down. On the contrary, when asked directly about it, publisher Greg Clayman said, “If people like our content enough to put it together in a blog and share it with folks, that’s great! It drives people back to us.” They seem like a nice bunch of folks, and I hope they succeed with their big publishing experiment.