Android @ Home e Music Beta


Google announced on Tuesday a new feature of the Android operating system called Android @ Home. The framework and associated functions transform an Android device into a home automation controller that connects and directs all of the devices and appliances in the user’s home. Android @ Home framework can be used to control gaming consoles, lighting, appliances, irrigations systems and anything else developers can envision. Google also announced project tungsten as part of the Android @ Home product, which consists of a hub that runs the Android OS and the Android @ Home framework. Among the functions of a Tungsten hub, as shown off on stage at Google I/O 2011, is the ability to stream music directly from Music Beta by Google to any supported home audio device. Android @ Home is completely open and developing with the framework requires no fees and no registration.

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  1. L'anno scorso avevo abbozzato una progetto del genere per comandare casa con android ed arduino, dalla piattaforma si genera da solo il codice per arduino senza avere conoscenze di c/c++ basta indicare cosa si vuole comandare, l'applicazione è gratuita sul market.

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