Icone maxi per Google OS

Via Techcrunch We’ve just received a pair of screenshots that may be of Google’s upcoming Chrome OS operating system. Google announced the entirely browser-based OS in July, and since then a number of alleged screenshots have popped up that have ranged from laughably bad to somewhat plausible. Because we haven’t seen any confirmed screenshots from … Leggi tutto

Da Google Docs verso Google Drive puntando a Google OS

Via Google Operating System

The new interface of Google Docs, which is slowly rolled out to all users, brings the service one step closer to an online storage service. The “items by type” menu replaced “PDFs” with “Files”, suggesting that Google Docs will allow users to upload any type of files.

Google Docs also added the advanced search options that are available in Gmail:

  • exact phrase matching (“todo list”)
  • negative matching (summer -trip)
  • disjunctive matching (budget OR invoice)
  • built-in labels (is:starred, is:hidden)
  • collaborators: to find the documents shared by Michael Robinson, you need to search for: from:[email protected], assuming that’s his email address. The problem is that you need to know the email address, since the operator doesn’t support (partial) names.

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La nuova battaglia dei browser con IE in caduta libera

Via techcrunch

The new browser wars on on. More than a decade after Microsoft killed off Netscape with Internet Explorer, competition in the browser market has never been stronger. Just last week, Mozilla released Firefox 3.5, which has now been downloaded nearly 14 million times. Earlier in June, Apple released Safari 4. In March, Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 8, and Google came out with a speedier beta of its Chrome browser.

Some early data is coming in showing relative market share and how fast people are upgrading. If you look at the chart above from Statcounter, it indicates that since March Internet Explorer has lost 11.4 percent market share to other browsers. That is the combined market share of IE8, IE7, and IE6. Certainly IE8 (the light blue line) has been growing strong since its release last March, capturing 16.7 percent of the market as of July 4.

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Chrome per Mac e Linux: prime versioni incomplete

Via Chromium blog In order to get more feedback from developers, we have early developer channel versions of Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, but whatever you do, please DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software. How incomplete? So … Leggi tutto

Chrome for Mac pre alfa basic test drive

L’articolo del Guardian segnala il sito di Techsutra di Manu J. da cui è possiible trovare un link alle  copie di sviluppo non ancora ufficiali di Google Chrome per Mac disponibili  solo per processori Intel e per Leopard. Incuriositi ci siamo scaricati la versione diciamo alfa di Chrome per Mac, chiamiamolo con il suo nome: … Leggi tutto

Flock sta per passare a Chrome

Via Techcrunch Flock, a social-focused browser startup that has raised nearly $30 million in venture funding, has ceased building on top of the open source Firefox browser, say multiple sources. The next version of the Flock browser will be built on Google’s open source Chrome browser platform. The last version of Flock was released in … Leggi tutto

Firefox 3.4 ascolterà e capirà

Via Zeusnews Firefox 3.1 non è ancora stato rilasciato (né a questo punto si sa quando succederà) ma già Mozilla pensa al suo successore, che potrebbe chiamarsi Firefox 3.2 o venire battezzato già Firefox 4.0. Una delle maggiori novità rivelate dagli sviluppatori è l’intenzione di integrare nel browser le funzionalità di Ubiquity, un progetto dei … Leggi tutto