Un Commodore 64 per Twitter.com ?

Techcrunch pone domande sulle risorse techiche di Twitter perennemente semi down …

  • Is it true that you only have a single master MySQL server running replication to two slaves, and the architecture doesn’t auto-switch to a hot backup when the master goes down?
  • Do you really have a grand total of three physical database machines that are POWERING ALL OF TWITTER?
  • Is it true that the only way you can keep Twitter alive is to have somebody sit there and watch it constantly, and then manually switch databases over and re-build when one of the slaves fail?
  • Is that why most of your major outages can be traced to periods of time when former Chief Architect/server watcher Blaine Cook wasn’t there to sit and monitor the system?
  • Given the record-beating outages Twitter saw in May after Cook was dismissed, is anyone there capable of keeping Twitter live?
  • How long will it be until you are able to undo the damage Cook has caused to Twitter and the community?

Più che di venture capital Twitter avrebbe bisogno di un buono acquisto da Dell.com …