Guardare il guardabile dei Giochi in rete

Via Silicon Alley Insider

Easiest steps first: Figure out when the event you want to watch is on (the NY Times has an excellent event tracker for this) and then try to figure out if it’s on (NBC’s broadcast schedule here). You’ll also need to download Microsoft Silverlight, which requires to watch the game. We were ready to complain about that, but found it fairly painless, as these things go.

So what if NBC doesn’t have what you want? Then you’re going to have to be comfortable about skirting some rules. One straightforward alternative: Use streaming and P2P sites that are willing to serve up TV feeds. Some options that have worked for our readers in the past: NOS (Dutch),,

A more convoluted option: Watch video that’s supposed to be online, but not for your eyes. As we’ve noted, for instance, YouTube has a dedicated channel — but only for users outside the U.S. In order to watch it, you’ll need to trick YouTube into thinking that you’re watching from somewhere else. That means you’ll have to configure your browser to use a proxy server and then redirect your Internet connection through a country on YouTube’s whitelist like South Korea.

Beyond YouTube, the BBC promises seven streaming Internet feeds for UK-based websurfers (or those using UK-based proxies). There’s also the CBC for “Canadians” and the ABC for “Australians”… you get the idea.