Oggi Microsoft inizia a vendere Windows 7 e Personal Computer

Di   22 Ottobre 2009
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Oggi e’ il giorno dell’uscita ufficiale di Windows 7, e Microsoft stupisce con un colpo a sorpresa: vende sul suo store Personal Computer

In a surprise move, Microsoft has started selling computers and third-party software via its online store.

It’s part of a broader push to try to give Windows the kind of lift that Apple has gotten from its network of retail stores. Microsoft had said it would sell PCs at its brick-and-mortar stores, but it plans to open just two of those this year, including a Scottsdale, Ariz., location that opens later Thursday.

Early on Thursday, though, Microsoft revamped its online store, which had been an outlet only for Microsoft products. The remake of the online store comes just as Microsoft is launching Windows 7.

The revamped online store not only has Windows 7 for sale, but also a variety of machines running the new operating system, as well as other PC accessories and software from other vendors.