Crunchpad diventa JooJoo: il lancio l’11 dicembre

Via C-net

Snagged the first journalists’ demo of the new JooJoo (formerly CrunchPad) Web slate on Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan’s San Francisco media tour. Quick impressions: yeah, this is a really cool device. Everyone reading a tech site like CNET will want one. But will they pay the $499 going price for it? We don’t think so.

The JooJoo Web slate is based around a 12.1-inch diagonal 720p capacitive touch screen. The specs include: 1366×768-pixel resolution, a built-in camera, mic, and speakers, one USB port, and a card slot. There’s 4GB of cache memory. What’s the processor? Rathakrishnan wouldn’t say. He also won’t say who makes the touch screen.

The hardware is slim and pleasing to hold. The screen is gorgeous, and huge, and the plastic back is gently curved. The unit is very slim, thinner than a MacBook Air. There are no buttons on the device, save the single power switch.

The JooJoo runs a proprietary Linux-based operating system whose only purpose is to run the device’s browser, based on Webkit but again a custom job by the developer. The browser supports Flash and other standard HTML extensions, but it won’t run non-Web apps. No Skype for you.