Lo Sputnik di Dell per gli sviluppatori Ubuntu

Via Ars Technica

Dell launched an experiment earlier this year to see if it could build a compelling Linux laptop for software developers. The effort, which is codenamed Project Sputnik, pairs the XPS13 Ultrabook with Ubuntu 12.04.

The software environment is tailored for developers, featuring a number of useful tools and a framework for automating the installation of specific development stacks and cloud deployment tools. Dell also did some work on hardware enablement, tweaking drivers to improve touchpad support and support for features like toggling WiFi from the keyboard.

When Project Sputnik was revealed in May, Dell said that it was conducting a six-month pilot program to evaluate the potential of turning the concept into into an actual product. In a statement this week, the company announced that it has decided to proceed. Sputnik will officially launch this year and will be available to consumers in select markets. The company says that it is incorporating feedback from developers into the plan.

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Streak: il tablet intermedio androide di Dell

Via IlSole24Ore

Ha le fattezze di un iPhone extra large. È molto sottile, circa 10 millimetri, e molti lo etichettano come uno dei primi prodotti a piattaforma Android a debuttare nell’arena degli “smartpad”, dei device a tavoletta con interfaccia touchscreen di nuova generazione. Streak, questo il nome del nuovo nato di Dell, si è presentaro ufficialmente al grande pubblico dopo la fugace apparizione al Ces 2010 di Las Vegas con le credenziali di dispositivo per l’entertainment in mobilità e per essere sempre in contatto con gli amici. Un device “ibrido con avanzate capacità multitasking, dice Dell, che si piazza a metà strada fra i super telefonini e i tablet e i netbook.

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Da Dell l’anti Mac Mini

Via Gadgetlab Dell’s new Zino HD mini-computers look good enough to eat. And, even more important if you are the sole geek of the the house, good enough to put in the living room. The Zino HD wants to sit by your TV, and is a full-on entertainment PC. As ever, it’s hard to get … Leggi tutto

L’Adamo di Dell

Via CrunchGear Brian Solis, the “next-gen” PR dude, just got some hot shots of the Dell Adamo. Color us impressed. His photos show a laptop with the sex of a MacBook Air with a little more of the hard edged aesthetic familiar to those who enjoy cheese graters and shipping containers.

Il momento del Dell Phone

Via Gizmodo Today the WSJ reports Dell’s closer than ever, with prototypes built in two different styles and two competing platforms. The two styles may seem familiar to you, as demonstrated by my totally fake images above. One, we’ll call “iPhone,” is described by the Wall Street Journal as “a touchscreen but no physical keyboard.” … Leggi tutto