Il nuovo tablet OLPC

Via The Verge It was over four years ago that OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte showed off images of an XO tablet, and promised it would ship to kids of the developing world in 2010 for $100 each. Obviously that didn’t quite happen, but it turns out both the company and the tablet are finally ready. … Leggi tutto

Il laptop rubato di Ghedini

Sarebbe bello capire che cosa si trova nel portatile (via Corriere) Il computer portatile di Nicolò Ghedini, legale di Silvio Berlusconi, è sparito. Rubato lunedì sera a Milano dall’auto blindata su cui viaggia il deputato del Pdl. L’episodio è riportato dal quotidiano Libero ed è stato confermato dalla questura. L’auto era parcheggiata vicino al Jolly … Leggi tutto

Apple domina di mercato dei laptop da più di 1000 dollari

Via Betanews

Move over Microsoft. Apple can claim big, big market share numbers, too. According to NPD, in June, nine out of 10 dollars spent on computers costing $1,000 or more went to Apple. Mac revenue market share in the “premium” price segment was 91 percent, up from 88 percent in May.

By the way, Apple’s command of the premium market is way up from first quarter 2008, when, according to NPD, Mac revenue share was 66 percent. Gee, and it seemed so high when I broke that story.

Microsoft executives had better study Apple’s success — and well — as they prepare to bring Windows 7 to market. The new operating system released to manufacturing today and launches on Oct. 22. But some people will get Windows 7 sooner. Microsoft might want to reconsider its marketing, too. Apple’s premium sales success means that from one perspective, Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunters” commercials are a failure.

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Apple, Acer e Arrington

Via Techcrunch

Michael Arrington, founder of the influential tech blog TechCrunch, has been talking for a year about building a touch-screen tablet for Web surfing. Now, it appears that the CrunchPad is about to become a reality.

The San Francisco Business Times reported Friday that Mr. Arrington has incorporated a separate company called CrunchPad. Later on Friday, he told us he would hold an event at the end of July or the beginning of August to make a big announcement about the CrunchPad, and the tablet would be for sale “as soon as possible.”

Mr. Arrington is a former corporate lawyer who became a blogger — not exactly the résumé of a hardware developer. “I just wanted this, and no one will build it,” he said.

The purpose of the CrunchPad will be very simple: surfing the Web. Turn it on and up comes a browser. It is nothing more than “an Internet consumption device,” for reading, checking e-mail or watching video, Mr. Arrington said. It will not have a hard drive or keyboard, though users can plug it in to a keyboard if they wish. It will cost less than $300, he said.

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L’Adamo di Dell

Via CrunchGear Brian Solis, the “next-gen” PR dude, just got some hot shots of the Dell Adamo. Color us impressed. His photos show a laptop with the sex of a MacBook Air with a little more of the hard edged aesthetic familiar to those who enjoy cheese graters and shipping containers.

E’ arrivato (forse) il laptop da 10$

Via Rediff News

The ‘world’s cheapest laptop’, developed in India, was unveiled by Union Minister for Human Resources Development Arjun Singh at the Tirupati temple on Tuesday evening The laptop, jointly developed by several organisations, such as the University Grants Commission, the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, will be priced at around $10 to $20 (about Rs 500 to Rs 1,000), officials said.

S K Sinha, joint secretary in the ministry for education, giving a demonstration of the device which is smaller than the normal laptop, said that it will need some more fine-tuning. He said the laptop is expected to reach the market in about six months. Arjun Singh had an interaction with the vice chancellors of the remote states like Jammu and Kashmir and Manipur to prove the point that the device will be able to bring about high quality networking among the various institutions of higher education and also increase the skills of e learning of the students in rural areas.

The laptop has 2 GB onboard memory with wireless Internet connectivity. To make it useful for the students, especially in the rural areas, the scientists have made it low power consuming gadget.


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Arriva il computer da 10 dollari

Via SlashGear A collaborative team between the Indian governments ministry of science and ministry of technology will unveil a super-low-cost computer on February 3rd, as part of the country’s $10 laptop project.  Specifications of the notebook – which is intended for education use – are unconfirmed, but unofficial sources suggest it will have 2GB of … Leggi tutto

I macbook e lo scrivere libri

I macbook sono i migliori computer per scrivere libri ? Probabilmente sì, sono i migliori attrezzi da scrittura disponibili in giro L’esperienza personale depone in questa direzione. I primi tre libri scritti dal bloggante oramai molti anni fa erano stati realizzati con l’uso proficuo di un paio di laptop Mac dei tempi, si chiamavano Powerbook. … Leggi tutto