La fine del progetto Crunchpad

Via Techcrunch It was so close I could taste it. Two weeks ago we were ready to publicly launch the CrunchPad. The device was stable enough for a demo. It went hours without crashing. We could even let people play with the device themselves – the user interface was intuitive enough that people “got it” … Leggi tutto

Ancora sul tablet di Apple

Via ItaliaMac Arrivano nuove indiscrezioni riguardo il Mac Tablet dal quotidiano Taiwan Economic News. Secondo le ultimissime indiscrezioni sembra che questo chiacchieratissimo prodotto sarà rilasciato a febbraio 2010 e sarà dotato di una CPU prodotta da PA Semi e uno schermo da 9,6 pollici. Le indiscrezioni parlano anche di un ordine Apple fatto a Dynapro … Leggi tutto

Crunchpad: il tablet di Techcrunch in pratica

Via StraitsTimes

A Singapore company is racing to be the first in the world to bring an almost mythical creature – the touchscreen tablet computer – to the market. The start-up, Fusion Garage, has teamed up with famed American technology blog Techcrunch and aims to get its machine out by November, in time for the Christmas buying rush.

The company gave The Straits Times a sneak preview last week. The fully working model, called a Crunchpad, has a 12-inch screen and weighs 1.2kg. It allows users to watch YouTube videos, listen to music and edit documents, among other things. Its operating system, or OS, was also developed in-house. The device will not have storage space – which some analysts have pegged as a big drawback – and will instead run programs hosted on servers: so-called cloud computing.

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Apple tablet: l’anti Kindle a colori

Via Techcrunch

While there’s a lot of talk about Apple’s rumored tablet device as it relates to new initiatives from the music industry, the device is undoubtedly a lot larger in scope. The music-angle talk is mostly thanks to the Financial Times all-over-the-place first report yesterday. But a second story also released yesterday with much of the same information, clears things up a bit, and adds a few interesting new nuggets of information.

Here’s the best excerpt: “It would be a colour, flat-panel TV to the old-fashioned, black and white TV of the Kindle,” one publishing executive said. Uh oh, Amazon.

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Settembre, tempo di I-tablet

Via Gizmodo

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According to the Financial Times, Apple is racing to launch the fabled Apple tablet in September, along with new iPods. They claim Apple is working with record labels and book publishers on new iTunes features created for the new device:

The talks come as Apple is separately racing to offer a portable, full-featured, tablet-sized computer in time for the Christmas shopping season, in what the entertainment industry hopes will be a new revolution. The device could be launched alongside the new content deals, including those aimed at stimulating sales of CD-length music, according to people briefed on the project.

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Apple, Acer e Arrington

Via Techcrunch

Michael Arrington, founder of the influential tech blog TechCrunch, has been talking for a year about building a touch-screen tablet for Web surfing. Now, it appears that the CrunchPad is about to become a reality.

The San Francisco Business Times reported Friday that Mr. Arrington has incorporated a separate company called CrunchPad. Later on Friday, he told us he would hold an event at the end of July or the beginning of August to make a big announcement about the CrunchPad, and the tablet would be for sale “as soon as possible.”

Mr. Arrington is a former corporate lawyer who became a blogger — not exactly the résumé of a hardware developer. “I just wanted this, and no one will build it,” he said.

The purpose of the CrunchPad will be very simple: surfing the Web. Turn it on and up comes a browser. It is nothing more than “an Internet consumption device,” for reading, checking e-mail or watching video, Mr. Arrington said. It will not have a hard drive or keyboard, though users can plug it in to a keyboard if they wish. It will cost less than $300, he said.

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Prove techiche di Crunchpad

Via Techcrunch We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on the CrunchPad since our last update in April, and have just about nailed down the final design for the device. We’re showing the conceptual drawings here today. In another few weeks we’ll have the first working prototypes in our office. This launch prototype is another … Leggi tutto

Tablet PC pronti per il decollo

Microsoft sta scaldando i motori per il grande roadshow che parte il 7 novembre e durante il quale verranno presentati ufficialmente i primi modelli di Tablet PC in una serie di eventi itineranti attraverso gli Stati Uniti