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Le startup di LeWeb

Via Techcrunch Le Web in Paris kicked off today and as we’ve previously mentioned, TechCrunch Europe is co-organising the Startup Competition. We’re breaking the news about the startups launching at the event as they happen, so please tune in to our RSS feed and our Twitter account @TCEurope to get the latest updates. Tomorrow we’ll… Leggi tutto »

La fine del progetto Crunchpad

Via Techcrunch It was so close I could taste it. Two weeks ago we were ready to publicly launch the CrunchPad. The device was stable enough for a demo. It went hours without crashing. We could even let people play with the device themselves – the user interface was intuitive enough that people “got it”… Leggi tutto »

La guerra dei Tablet

Via Techcrunch We have entered an era of the thin and light computer and, rather than worrying about power we’ve become obsessed with the concept of thinness. This is why Apple, in their wisdom, created the MacBook Air and the iPod Touch. This is the same reason we are all salivating over the thought of… Leggi tutto »

L’anatomia del buco di Twittter

Techcrunch riassume e integra la storia della violazione di sicurezza a Twitter The Twitter document leak fiasco started with a simple story that personal accounts of Twitter employees were hacked. Twitter CEO Evan Williams commented on that story, saying that Twitter itself was mostly unaffected. No personal accounts were compromised, and “most of the sensitive… Leggi tutto »

Prove techiche di Crunchpad

Via Techcrunch We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on the CrunchPad since our last update in April, and have just about nailed down the final design for the device. We’re showing the conceptual drawings here today. In another few weeks we’ll have the first working prototypes in our office. This launch prototype is another… Leggi tutto »

La salvezza dei magazine

Via Techcrunch There’s an obvious option for these magazines, and I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it: Ruthlessly collapse the print and online staffs, run everything online as soon as they write it, except one or two cover-length, long-form glossy pieces. Those will anchor the print issue, rounded out by the best stories from… Leggi tutto »

Twitter boom

Via Techcrunch If it seems like Twitter is growing faster and faster each day, that is because it is. ComScore has released its March numbers for the U.S., and it estimates that unique visitors to grew 131 percent between February and March to 9.3 million visitors. No wonder Twitter is more popular than Britney…. Leggi tutto »

Il controllo di Google sulle news

Via Techcrunch Yes, Google makes money from other ads shown besides any searches where TechCrunch posts shows up as results. But the money Google makes from those ads does not detract from our revenues. Quite the opposite. Those searches send a considerable amount of traffic to our site, where we have our own ads. The… Leggi tutto »