1 milione di dollari per un account twitter

Via Silicon Alley Insider

Hard to believe, but the CNN Twitter account racing Ashton Kutcher to 1 million subscribers wasn’t even under CNN’s (TWX) control until recently.

CNN confirms that it has has taken control of the @cnnbrk account — and its 944,000 followers. CNN didn’t disclose any financial details, but said it’s been working with previous owner James Cox on the account for more than two years.

This is no-brainer for CNN, and we hope they paid Cox a lot of money for the account he’s nurtured. By adding more stories to the feed — and links to CNN’s site — CNN.com could generate hundreds of thousands of extra pageviews per day. (CNN isn’t sure if it’s going to add links in the near-term.)

Whoever is control of the account has been tinkering with it in the last hour or so, adding five CNN-owned or CNN reporter accounts to the ones it’s following.