Il report di Reporters Sans Frontieres: va un po’ meglio in Italia

L’Italia si colloca al 52 posto e sale di 25 posizioni nel World Press Freedom Index di Reporters Sans Frontieres anche se il Global score è sceso di 2.67 punti ovvero siamo peggiornati meno degli altri.

Il commento di RSF su Italia

Six Italian journalists are still under round-the-clock police protection because of death threats, mostly from the mafia or fundamentalist groups. The level of violence against reporters (including verbal and physical intimidation and threats) is alarming, especially as politicians such as Beppe Grillo of the Five Star Movement do not hesitate to publicly out the journalists they dislike. Journalists also feel pressured by politicians, and increasingly opt to censor themselves. Under a new law, defaming politicians, judges, or civil servants is punishable by sentences of six to nine years in prison. Many journalists, especially in the capital and the south of the country, say they are still subjected to pressure from mafia groups and local criminal gangs.