Sale la febbre da Apple tablet

Oramai la febbre da Apple Tablet sale in attesa della presentazione di mercoledì

Pare che Steve Jobs sostenga sia la cosa più importante che abbia mai fatto

“This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done” – Steve Jobs, referring to the soon-to-be-launched Apple Tablet. We haven’t heard this first hand, but we’ve heard it multiple times second and third hand from completely independent sources. Senior Apple execs and friends of Jobs are telling people that he’s about as excited about the upcoming Apple Tablet as he’s ever been. Coming from the man who has created so much, that’s saying something.

Per il LA Times siamo alla svolta epocale

Apple’s device could also present a new opportunity for publishers to counteract Amazon’s mammoth influence over the book market and a new avenue for publishers to explore other ways to make money, such as selling individual chapters of a travel book or charging extra for videos that illustrate step-by-step guides in how-to books.

By going through Apple’s iTunes store, publishers can take advantage of the millions of consumers who already use iTunes to buy an assortment of digital media such as music and movies. Publishers also like the ability to set their own retail prices; they have only to give Apple a 30% cut of the sale.

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Le delusioni del giovine tablet

Massimo Mantellini propone una lettura anticipata dei pregi e difetti del tablet di Apple

Lo dico sottovoce. Il Tablet che Apple presenta mercoledi’, deluderà molte attese. Faccio questo esperimento divinatorio per divertimento, sperando di essere smentito dai fatti (che allo stato evidentemente non conosco). Ma per quanto Apple ci abbia abituato a grandi distorsioni dello scenario troppi argomenti importanti mi paiono sottaciuti nelle anticipazioni e nei rumors di questi giorni.

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Our Latest Creation

Apple comincia a spacciare inviti per l’evento del 27 gennaio: sarà l’Islate day ? (via All Thinks Digital) Apple  this morning announced an invitation-only special event to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on Jan. 27, a Wednesday. “Come see our latest creation,” the invitation reads.

Ritornano i rumors sul tablet di MS e HP

Via NJT Mr. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, will unveil a novel take on a slate-type computer during his evening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to people familiar with Microsoft’s plans. The slate will be made by Hewlett-Packard and possibly available by mid-year, these people said. This product better be good … Leggi tutto

Ora spunta un tablet anche di Google

Mentre si sprecano le prove del nuovo Nexun One in attesa del suo lancio ufficiale Spuntano le tracce di un tablet marchiato Google – HTC (via Gizmodo) Everyone is clamoring about tablets these days—ourselves included—so it’s not too surprising that Google and HTC are set to join the fray. They are reportedly working together on … Leggi tutto