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Google punta sempre più sul brand Google

Via Mashable Say goodbye to the Picasa and Blogger names: Google intends to retire several non-Google name brands and rename them as Google products, Mashable has learned. The move is part of a larger effort to unify its brand for the public launch of Google+, the search giant’s social initiative. Blogger and Picasa aren’t going… Leggi tutto »

Pay per sputtan

Via Zeus News La rivalità tra Google e Facebook non è fatta solo di prodotti, servizi, e tentativi di acquisizioni (specialmente se poi a spuntarla è un terzo incomodo). La guerra è fatta invece anche di colpi bassi che, nel caso concreto, si traducono nel pagare un’agenzia di PR perché diffonda notizie negative sull’avversario. A… Leggi tutto »

Android @ Home e Music Beta

Via BGR Google announced on Tuesday a new feature of the Android operating system called Android @ Home. The framework and associated functions transform an Android device into a home automation controller that connects and directs all of the devices and appliances in the user’s home. Android @ Home framework can be used to control… Leggi tutto »

La nuvola musicale targata Google

Via Engadget Wondering what Google’s answer to Amazon’s cloud music player for Android will look like? Then it would seem you now have your answer –the Tech From 10 website somehow managed to receive a developer version of the Android Market, which allowed it to download Android Music 3.0 and try it out for themselves…. Leggi tutto »

Quelli di Google volevano Steve Jobs come Ceo

Via Here’s an interesting fact: if Google had launched just a couple of years earlier, Apple’s Steve Jobs might have been its CEO. Way back in 2000, Google was just getting rolling, but its backers in the venture capital world decided the fledgling search giant needed “adult supervision” by way of a more experienced… Leggi tutto »